My Services

The Consultation Session.

Approximately 45-60 minutes per horse, longer for double bridle/2 bits.

Firstly, to discuss the issues and concerns of the rider.

To assess facial conformation, mouth shape, teeth and bridle fit.

Ridden assessment with the usual rider and current bit.

To discuss the ridden assessment and what the rider is hoping to change.

Select suitable bits for the horse and explain the different feeling the rider will experience and help them transition into the new way of going and feel.

Lastly, to record the changes felt by the rider and the selected bit.

Signs you may need me

Evasions come in many forms, some more noticeable than others. There are many ways the horse will try to communicate that there is something amiss with his bit, some signs are obvious, some more subtle. The rider’s hands communicate down the reins through the bit to the horse’s mouth, which the most sensitive part of the horse’s body that the rider will use. If this aid is abused or the incorrect bit chosen, the horse will begin to exhibit signs of evasions as follows:
If you are experiencing any of these signs from your horse, then you need some help. Make sure your saddle has been fitted correctly in the last 6 months and a recent dental check is important too. Your dentist will notice signs of discomfort in the mouth such as ulcers, cuts and sores, these can sometimes be attributed to using the incorrect bit.

Consultation charges

£50.00 per horse, per bit. For 2 bits in one session (dressage & jumping) £20.00 additional cost.
Double bit fittings £70.00 Travel charges may apply, depending on location.
Double bridle £70

Combined training £65