Wonderful Menorquin Horse

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Yet again it has been extremely busy at Equine Bitting Solutions.As most people know, I have a penchant for Iberian breeds. I spent a lot of time in Spain in my youth, and fell in love with the Spanish horse.Recently I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Claire and her new Menorquin mare Zaida.There aren’t currently many Menorquin horses residing in the UK, and Claire was very happy to be… Read More »Wonderful Menorquin Horse

Jumping Ponies

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This week I revisited Ella and her cracking jumping pony Red.Now when I say Red is rather keen, I mean he is a very fast jumping machine sort of pony, and loves his job. When I first met Red and Ella some months ago when they were a very new partnership. Ella wanted a more gentle and educational bit for schooling, rather than a ‘brakes’ bit that she needs for… Read More »Jumping Ponies

If You’re Looking for a Bit Fitter…Why Choose Us?

🔹We have stock of over 200 bits available for consultations, from snaffles to doubles.🔹We carry different nosebands and the innovative Quantum Bridle🔹We use bits from all manufacturers including Sprenger, Bombers, Neue Schule, Myler and many more.🔹Approved associate Bitting Consultant for Horse Bit Advice.🔹We can offer discounts with prominent online retailers.🔹Ongoing training sessions available.🔹We hold clinics, talks and training sessions at various locations across the South East. Being a good bit… Read More »If You’re Looking for a Bit Fitter…Why Choose Us?

Quantum Bridle

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If you’re considering trying the Quantum Bridle, pop us a message at Equine Bitting and Training Solutions to book a trial.Alongside being a qualified and experienced Bitting Consultant I’m also an approved fitter for the Quantum Bridle, and an associate Bit Consultant for Horse Bit Advice.I have appointments available across Kent, Essex, Surrey and local areas for bit fitting and bridle trial.Why not combine a bit consultation with a Quantum… Read More »Quantum Bridle

Training the Young Horse

I am often asked to see young horses who are just beginning their education.  A lot of horses have been backed, ridden away and are now ready to move forward with their training.  When starting your young horses education it is vital that the correct bit is chosen. If the horse is started in an uncomfortable bit they will learn how to evade it from the very beginning.  Sometimes I see… Read More »Training the Young Horse

Bits and Hands

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Do you know how much the bit and your hands influence the reactions from the horse when you ride?  When we tack up, and then get on board, do we really think about what the horse feels when we take up the reins, how the bit feels in the horses mouth? As soon as your hands touch the reins, that pressure acts on the most sensitive part of the horse as… Read More »Bits and Hands

Upcoming Area Dates

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Upcoming area dates for Bit Consultations and Contact Training:5th August – Brentwood Essex9th August – CM2 Essex10th August – Southend11th August – Bishops Stortford12th August – Hassocks and surrounding13th August – Cranbrook and surrounding17th August – Hitchin and surroundingPlease book early as appointments get booked up quickly. #equinebittingsolutions. Creating Harmony and Connection With Your Horse ❤️

Dressage Princess Ponies

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This week has been another hectic one! Although it was a tad warm, everyone had regular rests and the horses coped really well.I met up with lovely Kelly Mewes and her beautiful Dutch New Forest dressage pony Kimmi. I first met Kelly in April when I did a consultation on her lovely boy Cat and she invited me back to fit Kimmi in her first double bits. Kelly is a… Read More »Dressage Princess Ponies

Cob Dressage Superstars

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I met another Arthur this week, a rather dashingly handsome dappled grey cob and his lovely owner Charlotte. They are training at medium level dressage, and are doing great. However, Arthur has started to realise he can lean downwards on his loose ring bit, fix his jaw and ignore the rein aids when he feels like it. This ends up with Charlotte feeling that she has to ask him three… Read More »Cob Dressage Superstars

Having Fun in Surrey

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This week I met up with lovely Alíz in Surrey. We first met a couple of years ago when I saw her beautiful mare Freya. Freya has now been retired and Alíz has a handsome new young steed named Arthur. Before Alíz bought him, he was started with a view to being a show jumper, and now Alíz has taken him back a few steps to teach him how to… Read More »Having Fun in Surrey