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We all use specialist professional services such as saddlers, physios etc, yet we seem to hope for the best when choosing a bit for our horse, without much assessment of horse or rider. When issues arise, such as bit evasions, napping, poor way of going, we consult a specialist to help, and often overlook the bit we are using and its actions. This is where I come to help.  Even making just a small change to the bit you use can make a considerable change in the horse. Choosing the right bit for your horse can be a minefield as there are so many types on the market and most owners don’t consider mouth and tongue shape, when making their choice. So, you end up back at square one with evasions and a bad way of going with an unhappy horse.

Finding the appropriate bit for your horse can be a complete mystery to many horse owners, you buy a few, usually at great expense, and hope for the best, yet you still end up with the same issues. As an owner myself, I faced this issue many times, hence why I have now become an accredited bit fitter. My aim is to help those horses and riders who have struggled to find the right bit to achieve their goals. Selecting the right bit can mean the difference of achieving good dressage/jumping results or going home without a rosette.

I will make many assessments in your consultation, such as facial conformation, mouth and tongue shape, breed, age, discipline and the horse’s general way of going, fitness and riding level, also discuss the issues you are having and select a more appropriate bit for your horse.  In the consultation we can try many different types of bit, changing the mouthpiece, bit rings, severity and size.

My aim is to help every horse be happy and comfortable and willing to work.



About Me


I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Angela. I first became interested in how bits work many, many years ago when I was riding a variety of horses and found some preferred certain types of bits, and it wasn’t just a case of one suits all. Years later I bought a spanish PRE horse, who was extremely fussy in the mouth, so my fascination began again. I studied more and became an accredited professional bit consultant. Combining this knowledge with my 35 years of teaching, riding and working in the equestrian industry, I can really help you get the best from your horse.  I am based near Dartford, Kent and currently cover the South East, although I’m happy to travel further for group bookings.